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Hospitals and Clinics

Aggregate existing disparate data systems to provide physicians with a complete and holistic overview of a patient's health history from any internet enabled device. As a centralized repository, NetworksMD removes inefficiencies and costly duplication, reducing costs for providers.

  • Patients benefits from better coordination of care between multiple practitioners and health care teams.
  • Real-time turnaround of information from point-of-care to physician including laboratory results, diagnostic imaging and hospital reports increases treatment velocity and avoids scheduling delays.
  • Facilitate referrals or patient transfer easily.
  • On demand research and decision support.
  • Proven integrations with several Picture Archive and Communication Systems (PACS), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Improved quality and completeness of records with auditing mechanisms for a consistent level of quality and service.

Imaging or Laboratory Providers

NetworksMD can be integrated with existing radiology or laboratory systems to archive and distribute results to referring physicians in real-time

  • Proven large-scale architecture built to distribute more than 45 million radiology and laboratory cases annually with zero downloads, installs or maintenance by the physician.
  • Reduce IT and operational costs by integrating disparate sites to create a centralized cloud-based PACS and report archive.
  • Improved quality and completeness of records with auditing mechanisms for a consistent level of quality/service.

Academic Institutions

NetworksMD simplifies the anonymization of case data for easy teaching file creation and distribution. Detailed health history, patient demographics and report information results in a more complete indication. Teaching files can be updated with a patient's future progress resulting in a highly contextual and relevant case.

  • Teaching files can be permissioned for specific users, location, institutions or facilities, increasing access to critical decision support and mitigating costly diagnostic errors.
  • Streamlines workflow by providing practitioners with an on-demand access to vast clinical knowledge and consult support. Users also have an efficient means to publish and distribute clinical teaching files on their own.
  • Supports improved staff training, conferences, rounds and diagnostic decisions with easy access to data.


Disparity in the distribution of qualified physicians results in an overutilization of urban-based public healthcare facilities while patients in rural areas have limited access to quality healthcare. NetworksMD can connect geographically disperse populations or physical sites with access to qualified health professionals.

  • Significantly reduce costs, patient waiting times and travel all while increasing the timeliness and quality of care for remote populations.
  • Eliminate unnecessary repeat diagnostic procedures and tests while improving early diagnostic capabilities, access to specialty services and emergency triage.
  • Enhance recruitment and retention of healthcare providers in rural or remote areas.

Clinical Research

Using historical and chronological evaluation of images or laboratory results from multiple years can be archived in NetworksMD and used to understand how disease progresses and responds to treatment. Case data can be shared with multiple research teams to collaborate and share results, leading to improved findings and outcomes.

NetworksMD is the easiest and the most cost effective solution to enable collaboration within existing systems and architecture.

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