Sharing and Collaboration

Intuitive, real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration is at the core of everything we do. NetworksMD can be used to distribute information between multiple practitioners for a variety of clinical, teaching or research purposes. Discussions can be as simple as a topic of interest or as detailed as complex health history cases. Our secure messaging replaces non-compliant email as the primary communication tool between healthcare professionals.

  • One or More Colleagues: collaborate and communicate with like-minded practitioners anywhere in the world.
  • Groups: case data can be shared with a group of residents, specialists, or any other user defined group.
  • NetworksMD Community: these public cases can be viewed by any user, giving authors an excellent global publishing platform.

Purpose built group workspaces

Collaborating with a small group of colleagues is straightforward and simple. No more shared spreadsheets, cumbersome email threads, or tools that aren't suited for medical workflows.

Groups can facilitate collaborative discussions within residency programs or study clubs by providing a centralized workspace to discuss cases and important topics. Groups are also an excellent place for larger discussions to take place within the NetworksMD community around diverse topics that include clinical specialties, disease states, and issues and challenges that doctors care about.

Groups have simple and easy to understand vilibility controls:

Private: Only approved members see the contents of the group, other members, and what is posted.      Administrators have full control over the group's membership.

Public: Anyone can see the group, who is in it, and what members post.

You're in total control

We provide simple and intuitive controls to manage how your cases and discussions are used. As the case author you have complete control over how any case is shared, discussed, and consumed. There are several different ways to share or discuss cases and discussions can be permanently deleted once complete or no longer required.

A community of like-minded professionals

NetworksMD is where physicians from around the world come to connect, discuss diverse cases or topics, and curbside peers for expert advice whenever they need it. Since NetworksMD was built by physicians for physicians we work hard to provide the best and most diverse international medical community available.

NetworksMD is in an exclusive private beta and we thank you for your interest!

If you'd like to gain early access, please provide your email address and we'll be in touch shortly!