Collaboration as a Service

NetworksMD is a collaboration layer that integrates with existing systems and infrastructure to power case collaboration and workflow enhancements. Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic imaging and laboratory providers can leverage existing systems and create cost-effective dedicated medical communities that allow users to instantly export case data for the purposes of collaboration.

Collaboration as a Service

NetworksMD streamlines communication and productivity between all practitioners, resulting in better patient care at a reduced cost to providers.

There are no client downloads, plugins or installations required, and case information along with associated discussions can be accessed from any internet enabled device.

Security and Scalability

NetworksMD's Institutional and Enterprise solutions ensure that HIPAA requirements related to patient data are met or exceeded utilizing a centralized patient record and document repository.

Using industry leading security and authentication protocols - such as HL7 and DICOM - integration with existing systems can be seamless. NetworksMD has several integration models, ranging from cloud deployments to installations within site-specific LAN environments.

Integration Methods

Using industry standard communication protocols such as HL7 and DICOM, NetworksMD has several integration models, ranging from entire cloud deployments to installations within your datacenter on LAN environments.

Cloud: NetworksMD hosts your collaborative community in one of our secure datacenters.

Restricted Hybrid: NetworksMD hosts the community, but users will have a restricted company area to collaborate outside of the public NetworksMD community.

LAN: For sensitive deployments including military or health region deployments, the entire application can run in a restricted datacenter and be tailored to unique enterprise IT requirements.

NetworksMD is the easiest and the most cost effective solution to enable collaboration within existing systems and architecture.

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