Simply the easiest way to manage cases

NetworksMD allows you to easily create detailed patient cases that can include patient history, subjective and physical findings, diagnostic imaging, laboratory results and any other information that may be relevant to the episode.

Cases archived on the NetworksMD platform are anonymized to remove identifying patient details such as name or birth- date, maintaining patient confidentiality and regulatory compliance. As the case author you have complete control over the visibility and sharing of your cases.

Understand cases in context

Cases are automatically stratified into their distinct conditions and episodes of care, allowing users to quickly identify milestones or events of interest in a patient's treatment. A patient's entire health history can be viewed from one interactive page that includes anonymized demographics, relevant clinical or diagnostic report, imaging, and laboratory information along with associated collaborative discussions or comments.

Any of the images or attachments can be masked to preserve patient confidentiality or annotated to highlight a particular area of interest. Third-party resources such as Pub-Med can be linked to, allowing a user to publish and distribute clinical teaching files on their own.

Organize, archive, and tag cases to facilitate teaching file creation, journal clubs, patient rounds, conferences, or clinical research.

Cases become easy to understand, communicate, and discuss using NetworksMD, and can be updated indefinitely as a patient's treatment progresses. Better information leads to better decisions.

Discover and explore

Discover You will find a community of knowledge leaders, interesting cases, diverse groups, topics, related authors, and more available at NetworksMD.

Using NetworksMD, physicians are exposed to a broad variety of patient cases, specialties and related authors. Physicians benefit from on-demand access to vast clinical knowledge and consultation support, improving patient outcomes and mitigating costly diagnostic errors.

Cases are automatically indexed against those with similar attributes such as diagnosis, comorbid conditions, health history, and modality to make it easy to find them and discover similar cases. These similar cases facilitate improved training, conference presentations, rounds and decision support with easy access to data.

Access NetworksMD from anywhere, 24x7

clock With NetworksMD you can access your cases and discussions from any internet enabled device around the clock. There is nothing to download, install, or maintain. And because NetworksMD was built to be mobile it works on your iPad, iPhone and today's most popular internet enabled devices.

Supported browsers include:

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